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218 sports car DLC packages for sale, "GT Sport" updated in July

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Sony Interactive Entertainment announced on July 30th that its super racing game "GT Sport" was launched in July, adding a number of new sports cars and new tracks and events, and also stocked up to 218 super-running DLC ??packages.


"GT Sport (Gran Turismo Sport)" is a new sequel to the classic popular series "GT" released by Polyphony Digital and supported by PSVR. This work is dedicated to bringing real-life racing sports that have survived centuries of culture to players. Classic cars such as Mazda, Audi and Mercedes benz will be shown in this book. The game will play all the pictures realistically, adding models and editable items.


· "GT Sport" was updated in July, the main contents are as follows:


 Gran Turismo F1.jpg


Add 7 new cars:


·Benz AMG F1 W08 EQ Power+2017

·Daihatsu Active Top'02

·Honda Bit '91

·Honda S660'15

·Ferrari 250 GTO CN.3729GT'62

·Ford GT LM Spec II Test Car

·Mazda 787B'91


· Add a new original track around the South France "St. Clowa Lake" track. As well as new events and so on.


Gran Turismo Sport.jpg

Gran Turismo Sport.jpg

· Stored up to 218 sports car DLC ??packages and launched them on the PS Store. Interested partners can pay attention to them.


Gran Turismo DLC.jpg

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