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Analysts say that rising prices for next-generation games will not affect sales

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This is the first time the price of 3A games has risen in the past ten years. Previously, the standard price of Xbox 360 and PS3 eras increased from $10 to $70. NPD analyst Mat Piscatella said that even if players are unhappy, they will still choose to pay $70 for the demand for next-generation games.
According to Gamesindustry.biz, Piscatella talked about this topic in the Virtual Economy Podcast last week. "The price of the game was first released on the Xbox360 platform in 2005 after Call of Duty 2 reached $60, and it has remained the standard since then." He explained: "Now, many people will say that the price increase of the game is to offset the game. Increasing game development costs, inflation or other factors. But for some games, even if the price increases by $10, players will still choose to buy."
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Many people in the industry have said that the development cycle and cost of next-generation games on the new console platform have increased. As early as July, Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan stated that more technically demanding games would "need more manpower and capital investment", but until 2K Sports announced the next era game "NBA 2K21" priced at $70, The new game pricing has not been disclosed.
Piscatella does not think that players will welcome the price increase, which is of course. "They may feel dissatisfied." He predicted: "But they will still pay."
He also speculated that if players' desire to consume new prices is sluggish and even affects game sales, the price of the game is bound to fall back. Xbox responsible Phil Spencer once said in an interview in July: "As an industry, we can set the price we want for the product, and consumers need to decide whether the price is right for them."
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