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BenQ's official website hints: PS5 may support 1440P/120FPS

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Microsoft supported 1440P resolution on Xbox One S and Xbox One X a few years ago. For the upcoming PS5, Sony has not officially confirmed whether it supports it. This has led many fans to believe that the PS5 console does not support the native QHD "2560x1440" resolution. However, an article on BenQ's official website last week suggested that PS5 still supports 1440P resolution after all.
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BenQ's official website said: “Although there are a lot of discussions about the new console and the recent graphics card 120Hz, let us be realistic. Most of them will not be applied to 4K, but 1080P or 1440P. It will be another generation before mainstream games can be supported. 4K/120FPS. We expect PS5 (and most PC games) to present 4K/60Hz in the next few years. If you are interested in high frame rates, you may want to consider a good QHD gaming monitor, because PS5 supports 1440P, It is possible to reach a higher 120Hz at this resolution."
Since 1440P is a relatively small technical detail, Sony may not be interested in publicizing this with much fanfare. The reason is that there is currently no TV that natively supports 1440P resolution, which is mainly used on PC monitors. Having said that, there are still some console players who use monitors to play, and in most cases they do not have room for a big TV.
Of course, in that article, BenQ recommended a gaming monitor of its own, but there are many monitors that support 1440p@120Hz (which can be achieved through HDMI 2.0b) to choose from.
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