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C-Star hosted the first outdoor development activity and the eighth Happy Points Conference in 2018

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In order to cultivate the team awareness of employees, create a common experience of happiness, familiarity, communication, understanding and cooperation, and discover the growth space of the self and the team and improve the space in the experience, to feel the strength of the team partners and the big family. The strength of Shenzhen C-star Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (game controller manufacturers) organized all the personnel to participate in this outdoor development activities with the theme of "passion challenge, smelting team, creating the future".


At 7:10 on the morning of July 7, all the staff of the company set off at the gate of the company, full of excitement, all the way to laugh all the way. After more than two hours of driving, we came to the beautiful Dapeng Jinshawan Development Base. The scenery here is beautiful and pleasant, let us enjoy the most beautiful scenery of nature.


outdoor development activity.jpg

shenzhen outdoor development activity.jpg


After getting off the train, with the coach's command, we quickly gathered, began to warm up, and quickly divided into 6 teams, selected captains, starting team names, thinking about slogans, wanting team songs, everyone has division of labor and cooperation, each Individuals are involved in it, think of ways, come up with ideas, forget the age, forget the position, devote themselves to it, unite and work together to complete the team task.


shenzhen kart.jpg


Before I heard which colleague said that there is a real CS playing, eating chicken on the spot, this time should take out the AR gun to play each other, and the kart, we can not play this project, a colleague silently took out the game controller pretending Driving. . . I said why don't you take a game steering wheel to play.


outdoor development activity.jpg

outdoor development activity.jpg

cstar outdoor development activity.jpg


Then, the coach began to announce the content of the event. During the activity, the team members help each other and ensure safety. The purpose is to train the cohesiveness and collaboration of all the staff, so that we can quickly integrate into the team and find a sense of belonging.


shenzhen cstar.jpg


At lunch time, the time for our teams to show their cooking is here. After the table is served, the dishes are complete. Through the picnic cooking competition, the employees exchange ideas, share experiences, convey happiness and create a harmonious and beautiful corporate culture.


cstar company culture.jpg

cstar company culture.jpg


After the meal, we returned to the venue to start the painting of the corporate culture wall. Each of the six teams was responsible for one section. After the completion, the six blocks were combined into one. The color was decided by each group member. Finally, a colorful culture appeared. wall.


shenzhen beach.jpg


The final activity is to go to the beach to play, of course, swimming in the sea, dry ducks stay on the shore for self-service barbecue, wait for the swim back we have finished eating the barbecue.


cstar company culture.jpg


After dinner, we held the first Happy Points Conference this year for a long time. The efforts will have a reward. The more chances of winning the prize, the higher the chance of winning. After the calculation, the winning rate per person is as high as 77%! At the same time, in order to reflect the company's humanized management and care for employees, so that employees really feel the big family, the company held a birthday party for the employees born in July, and then today's event finally came to an end.


In just one day, our teams have successfully completed the mission, and the information transfer allowed us to learn the importance of collaboration and communication. Double walking, double climbing and cooking competition all test us all the time. The spirit of collaboration tells us the importance of helping each other.


These activities have inspired us to be used in the future work and life. These inspirations are far more than that, and we need to work hard to find and think. As long as we have more communication, more collaboration, and more methods, our team will achieve better results and create new glory!

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