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"Dirt 5" time trial demo footage

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Game developer Codemasters recently released a live demonstration of "Dirt 5", showing a time trial segment on a muddy road, and switching multiple perspectives. The work will land on PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms on October 9th. It will also land on PS5 and Xbox Series X platforms during the year. It will land on Google's Stadia cloud gaming platform in 2021.
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"Dirt 5" adds the most daring cross-country experience ever, a star-studded career, a four-player split-screen mode, an innovative online mode, a paint editor and more exciting content. Players can drive classic rally cars or trucks or GT hero cars on various tracks covered with gravel, ice, snow and sand all over the world.
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While respecting the historical legacy of this game series and retaining its consistent characteristics, "Dirt 5" has written a new chapter in the history of DIRT-this game is bolder and braver than any previous one. With new features, new creations and fresh gameplay, "Dirt 5" combines cross-country, fashion and culture, allowing you to create high-energy and exciting moments without interruption.
Travel the world in a varied and amazing environment and race on more than 70 unique tracks in 10 different locations around the world. From the frozen East River in New York, to the Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, and to the shining northern lights in Norway, bravely cope with opponents, terrain and extremely variable conditions.
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