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Former Microsoft executive reveals the reason behind the proposal to acquire Nintendo 20 years ago

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Microsoft tried to acquire the well-known Japanese game maker Nintendo in 2000, and Nintendo gave a simple and rude response in refusal: "No, Thanks." Recently, a former Microsoft executive In an interview, revealed the reasons behind the original acquisition proposal.




Robbie Bach, former Microsoft vice president and head of the Xbox department, explained Microsoft’s interest in acquiring Nintendo 20 years ago in an interview with the New York Game Awards. "We had a conversation, and the response we got is probably what we expected." Bach said: "You know, Microsoft was just a software company at the time, and there weren’t so many things to know. Nintendo was successful and has always been a Independent companies, they have made a lot of their own things."




"We talked to all the PC manufacturers, including Sega, and then we started contacting Nintendo. They are all giants in the gaming industry-by the way, they are across from the Microsoft office (in this case, Nintendo and Microsoft). The headquarters are in Redmond, Washington), so we don’t have to travel far to meet them."


Microsoft had already clearly understood the progress of the conversation. After being rejected by Nintendo, Microsoft created the Xbox brand. Interestingly, according to Bach, Microsoft has also considered competing with Nintendo in the handheld market.




Bach said: "At least three teams showed presentations of portable Xbox. These handhelds are all called X-Boys. I'm sure this will become a huge trademark (infringement) issue, so we rejected the proposal three times." , Microsoft has not set foot in the handheld field.

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