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Former Xbox executive Albert Penello says XSX and PS5 are unlikely to have enhanced versions

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The former Xbox executive Albert Penello recently discussed the issue of upgrading the next-generation console in the ResetEra forum. Penello believes that the next-generation console-XSX/PS5 is unlikely to usher in an enhanced version (such as the current Xbox one X and PS4 Pro).


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Penello said that the previous appearance of Xbox one X and PS4 Pro was to meet the popularity of 4K resolution PCs and TVs at the time, and he believes that we are unlikely to see the popularity of 8K resolution in the next generation, and the next generation may be more valued The number of frames or better HDR effects, etc., and the next-generation host will easily support higher frames and rich colors. Penello said: "Therefore, the upgrade in the next generation is not only unrealistic in terms of finance and technology, but also lacks the necessity to synchronize with the display technology."




Penello also talked about the technical challenges faced by the next-generation host enhanced version. He believes that within three years, there will be no affordable machines with 20/24 Tflop computing power. The technological cost from 7nm to 5nm to 3nm will be very high, and the chip size of 3nm will be reduced by 30%, and because the floating-point computing power has doubled, the chip will definitely increase (so the chip has to grow).


And because of technical bottlenecks, the CPU and memory of the machine also need to be improved accordingly. This will further increase costs. Finally, Penello said: "There may be silicon-based technologies that I don't know, but the above-mentioned problems are well known. Therefore, from today's perspective, I think we are unlikely to see the enhanced version of the host in the next generation."

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