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Good news: C-Star successfully passed BSCI certification.

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C-star BSCI


On May 10th, Shenzhen C-Star Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. accepted the BSCI factory inspection. What is worthy of congratulations is that our company smoothly passed this inspection in one go. This is a strict adhering to our principle of “providing the needs of customers”. , to create opportunities for employees, add value to society, "the business concept of affirmation. Our company has more than ten years of growth history and has been focusing on the design, development, and production of high-quality gaming peripheral peripherals and balance car products. We have grown together with numerous suppliers, customers, agents, and players.


The successful inspection of this factory has allowed the company's qualifications to reach a new level! Let the world know us better! It is believed that after the joint efforts of all the family members of C-Star, we will make our customers know us, understand us and trust us! Finally achieve a win-win! Thank you again for your support! Come on!


What is BSCI inspection?


The BSCI audit refers to the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), which advocates that the business community abide by the Social Responsibility Organization's social responsibility audit on the global suppliers of the members of the BSCI organization, including: compliance with laws, freedom of association and collective bargaining rights, and prohibition of discrimination. Compensation, working hours, workplace safety, prohibition of child labor, forced labor, environmental and safety issues. At present, BSCI has absorbed more than 1,300 members from 11 countries, most of which are European retailers and buyers. They will actively promote their suppliers around the world to accept BSCI inspections to improve the human rights situation of their suppliers.

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