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Google officially released streaming game service Stadia to play full platform games

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This morning, at the 2019 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, USA, Google released a professional product that entered the game market, a streaming game platform called Google Stadia. With Stadia, players can play all the games on different platforms you have at any place where you can connect to the Internet.


It is reported that Google Stadia does not use other forms of consoles and hardware, but directly through the Google data center around the world, the game screen directly to your TV, mobile phone or computer screen. In addition, Google Stadia offers a newly designed handle, but it also allows players to use their own handles, mouse and keyboard.


Google Stadia provides game developers with 10 trillion floating point operations. According to id Software, Doom: Eternal can run at 4K resolution, HDR and 60FPS via Google Stadia. In contrast, the XboxOne X, the most powerful home console, has 6 trillion floating-point computing power.


Google Stadia also supports cross-platform battles, and Google also said that players can play games on other platforms through Google Stadia, but did not disclose specific details.


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AMD provides server-side hardware for Google Stadia


Google will launch Google Stadia in the US, Canada, the UK and other parts of Europe in late 2019. The current price information has not been made public.

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