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"Gran Turismo 7" will return to the classic gameplay of the series to achieve the best experience in the series

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Everyone knows that "Gran Turismo 7" with Kazunori Yamauchi as the producer will land on Sony's next-generation game console PS5 in 2021, but other than that, the official has not announced any details about the game. In a recent interview in a Japanese magazine, Kazunori Yamauchi, director of Polyphony Digital and producer of the Gran Turismo series, accepted an interview and discussed some details of the new work.
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In the interview, Kazunori Yamauchi first explained his emphasis on Japanese car culture. He said: "I have been a car enthusiast since I was a child. I was influenced by Japanese car manufacturers and car media. This is also the driving force behind my development. Although This game is played all over the world, but I never forget that its birthplace is Japan. Now I feel the responsibility and mission of inheriting Japanese car culture."
In the interview, Yamauchi responded to players' dissatisfaction with "Gran Turismo Sport". Regarding the transition to e-sports, he thought "for some people, this may be strange." However, just like the previous game trailer, the Sport mode will still play an important role in "Gran Turismo 7", but "Gran Turismo 7" will give players a nostalgic feeling.
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Yamauchi Kazunori said: "While inheriting the championship and other elements achieved by the FIA ??in Sport, "Gran Turismo 7" will return to "Gran Turismo 1-4" and provide the best Gran Turismo currently available. Experience."
"Gran Turismo 7" is expected to be available in 2021, PS5 only, no PS4 version will be released.
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