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Is this a toffee? XBOX phantom white controller official out of the box

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Is it that the old Xbox controller has been exhausted, and it's okay that Xbox's latest phantom white controller will definitely satisfy your appetite. This translucent new color controller follows the second "phantom" after the phantom black. The series controller, Xbox official brings a piece of unboxed video to the players. At present, the handle Microsoft official store has opened pre-sale, pre-sale price of 69.99 US dollars.


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Xbox Phantom white controller.jpg


The new Phantom White controller enhances the texture of the handles to make the player more comfortable to operate, the responsive joystick and the enhanced trigger and cross keys will definitely give players a different gaming experience. In addition, the new Xbox Phantom White controller comes with a 14-day experience Xbox Gold membership and XGP service, which is quite worthwhile!

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