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Net exposure "Resident Evil 8" has many supporting roles and they are very important

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Publisher Dusk Golem has repeatedly disclosed the relevant news of the "Resident Evil" series several times before. He recently disclosed some relevant news about "Resident Evil 8: Village" through Twitter. According to his introduction, the role of village passers-by in this work also has a very important position.
Resident Evil 8: Village.jpg
Recently, some netizens asked Dusk Golem: "Are there any NPC characters in "Resident Evil 8" like "Evil Spirit 2"? Dusk Golem replied: "Like "The Evil Within 2"? No. But there are many supporting roles in "Resident Evil 8", and the villagers also play a more important role than the passers-by in the previous works of "Resident Evil". The role in "The Village" "Resident Evil 8" is very important, and part of it is just'ordinary' people."
"Resident Evil 8: Village" will be released in 2021, landing on the PC/PS5/Xbox Series X platform, Capcom will also announce more news in the next few months, so stay tuned.
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