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Official: PS4 controller can also be connected to PS5 but can only play supported PS4 games

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The official PlayStation blog today released a FAQ post on the PS5 console's support for existing PS4 peripherals.


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PlayStation official stated in the blog post: Players can use DS4 wireless controllers and PlayStation officially authorized third-party controllers to play PS4 games on the PS5 platform (provided that PS5 supports the operation of the PS4 game). "Please note that not all PlayStation officially authorized or third-party peripherals/accessories can be used on the PS5 console. We recommend that you contact the manufacturer to confirm whether the product can run on the PS5 platform and whether it can be played Used for certain games."


Media VG247 concluded that although you can connect the DS4 controller to the PS5 console, I am afraid you can only play specific PS4 games that have been supported by PS5.


"We believe that PS5 games should make full use of the new functions and features that we give to the platform, including the characteristics of the DualSense wireless controller." PlayStation wrote in its official blog.


This official Q&A post also mentioned that special peripherals, including steering wheels and flying joysticks for racing games, can be used normally in PS5 games, and can also run as usual in existing PS4 games. At the same time, Sony's platinum headset and gold headset will remain compatible with the PS5, and other third-party headsets can also be connected to the handle via USB or audio interfaces. However, VG247 also mentioned that the existing headset companion app is no longer available on the PS5 platform.

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