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Rumors: PS5 first game leaked "GTA6" in the list

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Although there are quite a lot of rumors about the next-generation PlayStation, few rumors mention the PS5's starting lineup. Recently, an anonymous third-party European game developer published an article on the Pastebin website. In the article, he announced the first game lineup of the next generation PS host, including many long-awaited masterpieces.


According to the news, in the exclusive game, Sony's next generation PS host escort masterpiece includes "Gran Turismo 7", "Horizon Zero Dawn 2", "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" HD version (PS5 exclusive), "Ghost of Tsushima Remaster", another unknown 3A games and PS VR games.


In terms of third-party games, the first works include "Battlefield: Bad Company 3", "Harry Potter", "Assassin's Creed" new work and "Grand Theft Auto 6". Among them, "Grand Theft Auto 6" will be monopolized by the next generation PS for one month, and it is very likely that it will not land on this generation PS4.


Although the news originated from a European third-party game company, but because it was published anonymously, and Sony has not responded to this rumor, the credibility of this news remains to be discussed. Therefore, all news must be subject to the official, this rumor can only be used as a reference.

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