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Sony announces "Ready for PS5" series TVs that support up to 4K/120 fps

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The highly anticipated next-generation game console PlayStation 5 (PS5™) will be launched in the holiday season at the end of this year. For this reason, Sony (China) Co., Ltd. announced the "Ready for PlayStation®5" models in the existing BRAVIA TV lineup. Together with Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), the new label "Ready for PlayStation 5" was created for TVs, which aims to help consumers more easily choose the ideal TV partner for PS5.
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The first "Ready for PlayStation 5" Sony TV models include the full-array backlit 4K HDR TV X9000H/X9088H/X9100H and 8K HDR TV Z8H with outstanding performance. X9000H/X9088H/X9100H can display up to 4K resolution game screens at a frame rate of 120 fps, while the input delay is as low as 7.2 milliseconds. Z8H can display richly detailed 8K resolution images, and it can also display 4K resolution game screens at a smoother 120fps frame rate (support specifications vary depending on PS5 games). Both series of TVs can provide a smooth gaming experience for the next-generation game console PS5.
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"Ready for PlayStation 5" TV type, also has BRAVIA Game Mode (BRAVIA Game Mode) function, which automatically provides players with a low-latency and smooth PS5 game experience. Thanks to this function, the DualSense™ PS5 wireless controller can turn on the TV and PS5 at the same time, and the PS5 can be seamlessly controlled with the TV remote control.
With the industry's leading image processing chip X1, Sony TVs can present vivid, vivid and dazzling pictures with excellent contrast. At the same time, the multi-channel screen sound field technology makes the powerful sound seem to be emitted directly from the screen, creating an immersive and fascinating viewing experience. Sony’s cutting-edge exclusive black technology allows users to fully immerse themselves in the truly disruptive gaming experience provided by the next-generation game console PS5.
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Sony (China) will work with Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) to use the unique creativity and technology of "One Sony" to continue to provide PlayStation players around the world with an outstanding gaming experience that Sony has never shown.
? The time of listing in China is subject to official news from Sony Interactive Entertainment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
? 8K: 7680 x 4320 pixels. 4K: 3840x 2160 pixels. The streaming media platform that needs to be supported provides HDR-compatible content, or connects to HDR-compatible content devices through HDMI input. HDMI® cables need to be purchased separately.
? 4K/120fps display will be realized through BRAVIA TV firmware upgrade in the future.
?The input delay is based on internal test conditions. The 4K/120fps game is connected to the X9000H/X9088H/X9100H TV through the HDMI interface. It may be different in the actual use environment or specific conditions.
?BRAVIA TV's display of PS5 8K game images will be realized through firmware upgrades in the future.
?The TV remote control provides automatic power switch synchronization and basic cursor control functions of the PlayStation game console.
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