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Sony invests US$250 million in EPIC to strengthen cooperation

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Why did EPIC make DEMO specifically for PS5 without using the more powerful Xbox Series X or PC? The reason behind it may have been answered. On July 10th, Sony announced an investment of US$250 million in EPIC Games.
With the increasing size of games, the development of games using the Unreal Engine developed by EPIC Games has become one of the must-have options for major game companies. Sony clearly hopes to pull into the relationship with EPIC, and it can be determined from the large amount of money invested in it today. For EPIC, this investment does not mean that it will lose its independence. EPIC has carried out several financings, and the current total amount has exceeded US$1.8 billion, including funds from domestic giant Tencent. Although Sony has become a shareholder of EPIC through this investment, its shares are still not enough to become a controlling shareholder, so Sony does not allow EPIC to launch exclusive games or obtain exclusive use of Unreal Engine.
Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said that the investment from Sony enables EPIC and Sony to continue to cooperate in social experience areas such as games, movies and music. For example, EPIC used to play the movie "Inception" in the hot "Fortnite".
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A few months ago, the PS5 Unreal 5 technology demonstration was completely customized according to the specific host, and its publicity effect has proved the degree of cooperation between the two in this regard. On the other hand, EPIC has already confirmed that the Unreal engine 5 can be applied to all platforms, and "Fortnite" for Unreal 5 feature upgrade will also land on PS5 and Xbox Series X in 2021.
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