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The next-generation console game price increase is a foregone conclusion

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In addition to the upgrade of the audio and video experience, the next generation of game consoles may also increase the price of the game. According to the price of "NBA 2K21" pre-ordered yesterday, it can be predicted that the versions for the next-generation game consoles PS5 and Xbox Series X may be more expensive than the PS4 and XboxOne versions.


According to the pre-order page of the official website of "NBA 2K21", this sports game, which is divided into two versions of this generation and the next generation, is also treated differently in price. In addition to the $99.99 Kobe Memorial Edition, "NBA 2K21" for this generation of game consoles PS4 and XboxOne is priced at $59.99, which is the standard price for console games for a long time. The pre-order price of "NBA 2K21" for PS5 and Xbox Series X reached US$69.99, which is US$10 more expensive than before.


According to media reports, the price increase of the game may not be just "NBA 2K21". There are already a number of game publishers considering the price adjustment.




GamesIndustry recently interviewed the game market research organization IDG Consulting. According to the company's CEO, large-scale games like "NBA 2K21" are about to rise in price.


The main reason for the increase in game prices is the increase in development costs and inflation. Starting from the PS3 and Xbox360 period, the price of the game has increased from $49.99 to the current $59.99. During this period, as the development tools became more sophisticated, the development cost of large 3A-level games has doubled.


The price increase caused by the cost increase seems to be inevitable, but large productions such as "Cyberpunk 2077" are still conscience in terms of pricing. In addition, games such as Rockstar's "Red Dead: Redemption 2", although expensive to develop, However, through the continuous update of the network model to obtain additional income. The new-generation game console war between Microsoft and Sony will begin in late 2020. How to retain players in pricing and balance their own interests will be the issues that game manufacturers are considering in the near future.

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