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The second integral meeting was hosted successfully C-Star Industrial Limited

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Summer comes, C-Star(specialized in game accessories) quarterly Happy Meeting was hosted as planned.


To further promote development towards higher platform, as well as make every stuff assimilate into this big family, C-Star launched integral performance management system since January this year. With the principle”more hard work, more luck”, this system aims at establishing a happy environment for everyone, bringing positive and joyful power for work. During the past several months, this system is effective from many aspects, more importantly, everybody is making contribution to company development. Look, this happy meeting is a symbol for our hard work! 

Chairman(Miss Hong) is making speech 

Happy Meeting was started with the deep speech from Chairman Hong, there comes the performance time!  

Wonderful programs 

Programs prepared by each department are performed in the form of PK, Miss Hong and several other guests were judges, scored for each performance and rewarded the No.1. Therefore, performers from each department did all that they can do: anti-dance and short sketch from production department made everybody laugh, opera from sales department brought youth and vitality, dances from the administration department also presented different feelings. 


Lottery and Awards 

Different nice performances make all the eyes so busy! Some funny games and lottery are  also arranged, everyone enjoyed it! 

Birthday party for employees

Some stuff’s birthday is coming, to warm and thank them for their contribution for C-Star, a brief birthday party was hosted during the programs, which closed the distance in heart between each other, as well as brought more fun for this meeting.


No. 1 award

Judges revealed the No. 1 performance, opera from the sales department! Everyone got applause from audiences.


Group photo of all the members

Finally, Miss hong took a group picture with all the meeting members. With the help and support of all the leaders, as well as all the present guests, the second integral meeting from C-Star Industrial Limited was hosted successfully! 

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