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"Tokyo Game Show 2020" confirmed to hold e-Sports X

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The annual "Tokyo Game Show 2020" has been changed to be held online this year due to the epidemic. It is scheduled to open from September 23rd to 27th. Today, July 30th, it was officially announced that 3 e-Sports have been held. X will not be absent, it will also be transferred online, and there will be no restrictions on player qualifications. Even e-sports novices can easily participate in finding games you are familiar with.
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e-Sports X is a new event added by "Tokyo Gaming Expo" in 2017. This year is the 4th edition. Also due to the epidemic, it will be held online. This e-sports conference will cooperate with Amazon to broadcast the highlights of the game. And e-Sports X is a national e-sports conference that novices can easily participate in, and confident players can pay attention to it.
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