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Why does the Xbox controller use AA batteries?

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Although many companies’ game console peripherals have switched to internal rechargeable batteries, the Xbox controller still uses replaceable AA batteries. Many people have questioned this choice, but according to reports, the decision to continue using AA batteries was due to an agreement with Duracell.


According to a report by Stealth Optional, Duracell UK marketing manager Luke Anderson explained that Microsoft and Duracell have signed a multi-year agreement to maintain the use of AA batteries in their devices. This also explains why every Xbox controller comes with a For disposable AA Duracell batteries.


"For a long time, Duracell and Xbox have had this kind of partnership...This is a long-standing agreement between Duracell and Microsoft," Anderson told the media. "[The agreement is] OEM manufacturers provide battery products for Xbox game consoles, as well as handle batteries. Therefore, this transaction will last longer..."


After the media asked a Microsoft spokesperson, the company responded that Microsoft "intends to provide consumers with a choice of battery solutions for our standard Xbox wireless controllers, including the use of any brand of AA batteries, Xbox rechargeable batteries, and charging by our partners. The solution, or USB-C cable, can power the controller when it is plugged into a console or PC. "This is also true. Although all Xbox controllers are equipped with Duracell disposable batteries by default, Microsoft and third-party companies also sell rechargeable plug-and-play accessories. If users want, they can also spend some money to buy rechargeable AA batteries.

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