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XSX or PS5, which one is better? G fat: It must be XSX

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If you have to choose one of the two, G Fat will choose Xbox Series X instead of PS5.
V agency co-founder Game Newell has been trapped in New Zealand since the outbreak. When the team finished developing "Half-Life: Alyx", Newell went to New Zealand for vacation. Soon after the new crown virus came, Newell chose to stay in New Zealand and went on national television to promote his free concerts with the help of friends, in order to thank this country for hosting them.
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His most recent appearance was on The Project, and you can guess that the hosts wanted to see what he thought of the upcoming next-generation host war. When asked directly which PS5 or XSX is the better host, Newell replied without thinking it was XSX.
Moderator: Why?
G Fat: Because (XSX) is better.
Later, G Fat added: "I'm not too interested in this kind of console war. Obviously, we focus on PC, but if I want to choose, I will definitely choose Xbox."
Foreign media pointed out that Microsoft's mainframe is closer to today's PCs, which is more pleasing to PC game developers like V. In addition, in recent years, Microsoft's first-party games are also returning to Steam.
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