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Xbox Director: Our first-party games will be attractive without learning from Sony's strategy

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In the past few years, Xbox has been criticized by players for lack of first-party exclusive games that are more competitive than PlayStation and other competing platforms. But in the long run, Xbox Director Phil Spencer thinks this is not a problem. Microsoft now has 15 Xbox first-party game studios, and these teams are developing new game content specifically for Xbox and PC.


Xbox Director Phil Spencer said in a recent GameLab event: "The content of first-party games is very important for our future. This is also important for our hardware platform, for XGP and our overall gaming strategy at Microsoft. It is also important. A few years ago, we formed a new leadership team, started to formulate our strategy, and clarified our strategy to the company. Seeing that the board of directors and the company’s senior leadership team gave us support, let our first-party game camp It is really a pleasure to grow and develop."


Spencer said that he was "very satisfied" with the numerous game studios within the company and their ongoing projects. He hinted that there are still many studio new works that have not been announced yet.


Spencer also said that he did not want to imitate competitors' first-party game development methods. For example, some people talked about Sony's exclusive game IP "Uncharted" and "God of War", asking where Microsoft can match these two IP games. Spencer said that Microsoft's thinking is different.


When talking about developing Microsoft’s first-party exclusive game, Spencer said: “We know this (first-party exclusive game) is important—we also know that this is what fans want, but I also want to say that we There will be some support around what we think we need to do on the Xbox platform, such as building first-party games on the Xbox. Sometimes, players see some trends on other platforms, and we will hear questions like this: Your Where is the monopoly or how is your monopoly game still not available. But I don’t think our goal is to replicate other people’s practices. We do exactly the same thing as our other platforms, services or content, right The entire industry has not helped."




Although Microsoft will not directly follow the first-party game strategy of Sony or Nintendo, Spencer said he believes his team is developing first-party games that can attract a large number of players.


Spencer said: "I am proud of the diverse content created by our Xbox game studio team, such as the type of new games, artistic style, platform and gameplay. Single-player games, multiplayer games, cooperative games are all. I’m just proud of the diversity of first-party games I’ve seen... I think this diversity will continue. This will be our mainstay. Our team leadership comes from their own vision and their What you want to build, not a specific game type or a specific story."


However, in general, Spencer admitted that Microsoft has not done enough in the first-party game development. He said: "This is an area where we need to do more work, and now we have done it."

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