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Xbox Series X will have the most games in console history when it launches

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Sony has previously announced a number of exciting PS5 exclusive games through online exhibitions. As a competitor for many years, Microsoft naturally can't be softened. After all, games are the driving force for players to buy consoles. And it seems that Microsoft is confident about the new generation of Xbox that will be released this year. The company's CEO revealed that Xbox Series X will have the most games in console history when it goes on sale.
In the fourth quarter earnings conference call held yesterday, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made the above remarks. He said: "In terms of content, in order to attract and retain players, we will provide differentiated first-party and third-party content." "When Xbox Series X is launched this fall, there will be the largest game console lineup in history. ."
Judging from the current information, Microsoft CEO Nadella does not seem to be saying that the new generation of Xbox will have more exclusive games, but to play the "old" works of the four generations of Xbox consoles through backward compatibility. Microsoft said in May this year that Xbox Series X can run thousands of games with the help of backward compatibility. Previously, Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s Xbox department, also publicly stated that in the next few years, Microsoft’s game studios will choose a cross-generational strategy, which means that a game will be sold on the new generation of Xbox and also Take care of XboxOne players.
Although old backward compatible games may not be as attractive as new ones, for Xbox supporters, it is important to avoid the lack of new games in the early days of the market.
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Microsoft will hold an online Xbox Series X game show at 0:00 on July 24, when games such as "Halo: Infinte" will be unveiled.
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